Chip Truck Adventures….. by Sabrina Henderson

Day 1 of renovations

Before the electricians show up we figure that we should go and get the chip trailer level and turned to sit exactly where we want it to. Myself, my boyfriend (Jason) my dad and Jason Banas all come together to try and decide where the trailer would look the best. You wouldn’t believe how complicated our conversations are on a regular basis with both Jackie’s husband and my boyfriend being named Jason. We decide to turn it on an angle just by moving it over a couple feet. Jason Banas in the Kabota digger came and lifted the tongue of the trailer and my Jason hooked the truck on the back of the trailer to help roll it out of where it had sunk in on the gravel. And on 3, they both simultaneously moved the trailer EXACTLY where I wanted it to go.  It was perfect.

Then came the fun of getting the trailer level. We had 4 jacks to put under the trailer and we figured that would be easy enough. Turns out nothing on the trailer itself was level so we didn’t even know where to start.


The counters weren’t level, the window wasn’t installed level, even the floors weren’t level. And not only was it unlevel side to side, it was also unlevel front to back. Well after a few hours of fiddling around with it we think we got it where it is the most level it can be.

Then we wanted to create a concrete plan of what we are going to do about the electrical before the electricians showed up the next day. Well you can just imagine how the electrical was in the trailer. We had wires coming from every which-way to the panel, and some wires we didn’t even know where they were going or ended up.

After a while we ended up creating a plan and headed home for the night.


Day 2 of renovations

The next day my dad ending up taking off work to come and help and we met with the electricians bright and early. We walked through everything and they started to get to work tearing all of the old wiring out of the trailer. I went in the store to get some work done for the KOA and came back out and my counter top and my whole back wall was outside the trailer on the ground. I was fairly concerned that they had found something bad, but turns out my dad had better ideas for that wall and did away with all the old stuff. He had taken the table out and when he had started taking apart the back wall he noticed that the whole back wall was made of floor tiles stapled on.


I went back in to get some more work done and returned a little bit later and to my surprise I now had a new location for my light switch and all new plug-ins…my dad was redoing the initial plan AGAIN. But in the end they are MUCH better!

I had then called the health inspector to see if we could schedule a date for his inspection the next week and he insisted that he comes and gives me a pre-opening assessment the next day! Well to say the least, the trailer was in no condition for the health inspector. So right after the electricians were finished we got down to work cleaning and re-building the back wall to get it somewhat presentable. Now lets see what the health inspector has to say about it!

Fryday update by Sabrina

Well it’s been over 3 months since an update on FRYDAY the Chip Trailer and a whole lot has happened in that short amount of time. I have struggled with finding quality food to serve, finalizing a menu, and getting the licensing process started. It has been a hectic winter getting everything planned so far but definitely one for the books.


One of my main focuses this winter has been on finding some good quality food to cook in the chip trailer, and it has been a fairly large obstacle. I mean, I have got to test a lot of food so no complaints there, but there’s just so many options. I started with opinions from other chip truck owners and people in the food industry and worked from there. From the beginning I’ve been contemplating on whether to only use local meats or not. Thankfully within the last week I’ve finally made up my mind and found a local place that has delicious meat where I’m going to purchase the majority of my meat from, and oh man is it ever good.

Also finding a good seasoning recipe is a whole nother story. To put it in perspective, I think I’ve had pulled pork for dinner at least twice a week for the last 2 months…that’s how many pprecipes I’ve tried out. You’d think I would be sick of it by now, but who are we kidding, pulled pork never gets old! Thankfully, I have finally picked a good creamy coleslaw recipe and pulled pork sauce and rub recipes; I hope you all enjoy it as much as my family does.



Finalizing the menu has been difficult as well. Between narrowing down the food that I want to serve, finding a place to buy that food from, and determine portions, it has been a journey. We are putting a mini version of the menu in the park maps so every camper has an idea of the kind of food being served. Therefore, we needed a copy of the menu to send to the publishers, and I kid you not…I think I changed the menu at least 5 times (…so far) since we discussed finalizing the map. The life of an indecisive person. Well I funnelcakefinally think I have it finished and it is being sent to the publishers this week, and then there’s no turning back so I hope I got it right this time.




I think the most exciting part of this whole experience so far is having the electrician come on Tuesday. He’s going to be finishing up the wiring so it will officially be functional at the Brighton KOA for the first time…so surreal! After the electrical is finished then all the licensing and permits can be finished and we’ll be off and running.

Last week my appreciation cards finally showed up, and I’m so stoked about them. I ordered them from a company that helped me create my own design and when they showed up I was so happy with how they turned out. The amount of kind words and support I have received from all of you amazing campers has been extraordinary and just really wanted to show you all that I appreciate you and thank you for all of your support, that’s why I decided to make these cards in the first place. My heart is so full!



I’ll give you another update when the licensing and renovations get finished… because everyone knows they never go smoothly haha


Winter blues….

Hi all. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sick of all this snow and having a touch of the winter blues.  The grey skies and overcast days are really bringing me down.  Despite how beautiful the blanket of snow is over all our property.


The few gorgeous days with sun are so few and far between I’m really wondering how much more of this I can take.  And yet, we took advantage of one of those bright and glorious days just recently.

The whole family went out – which honestly took some convincing of my eldest and of myself to slog through putting on all the snow stuff.  I actually hate winter because of all the millions of layers we have to adorn just to stay warm enough to enjoy a brief amount of time.  It doesn’t seem worth it sometimes.

And yet…… something nudged me from the inside telling me to do it.  Convince Caleb and yourself and go out and play as a family.  All four of us.

Well, that’s just what we did.  We all packed in to our snow gear.  Donned our mitts, and hats, and boots, and pants and scarves and coats and it felt like it went on forever getting us all dressed.  With at least one of us falling over trying to search for an article of clothing every minute or so.  Except of course Jason.  If you know Jason at all, he knows exactly where all his belongings are located.

Ahhhh the perfection in opposites attracting….. or, NOT!  LOL  Luckily we did finally get outside or there might have been a less than pleasant remainder of the day.

And once I walked outside in to that dazzling sunshine and saw the shimmering snow I was so pumped.  I grabbed the toboggans from off the porch and stuck both kids in and drug them as far as I could before they just wanted to get out and play in the snow mounds Jason has been developing with his snow plow.

We managed to get in a ton of great slides because the newly fallen snow made for amazing sledding conditions.  And while we don’t have huge hills here, they are perfect for our little guys.  Maybe one day when they’re bigger they’ll brave a GT snow racer down the walking trail!!!  Actually, if I’m thinking correctly it will probably be more like a snowmobile and I will be riding on the back – Oh YEAH!


We’ve had our great snow day now, the season can shift into Spring….. who’s with me????

I truly am looking forward to a new season.  The 2017 season is proving to be as busy and exciting as 2016.  We have more than 200 more reservations this year than we did on the same day in 2016.  I can’t say for sure what’s packing in the campers so early in the season but what I can say with certainty is that if you want to camp at the Brighton KOA at all during 2017 you better book soon.

Waiting may prove only to disappoint.

I look forward to seeing your names in the computer as you begin making online reservations or having a chance to catch up with you if you call me to book.

I hope the winter is keeping you all well!