About Us


minion-family-shotWe are the owners and staff of the Brighton KOA.  We love our campers.  We love our jobs.  And we love that we have 6 months off in the winter time.  I mean, who wouldn’t right?

Our goal with our KOA campground is to help families make amazing memories and to keep families, kids especially, so entertained that no parent ever hears the words “I’m bored” while camping here. img_5196

We took over in 2015 and intend on making improvements to the campground every year until we either pass it on to our kids or sell it.  I’m hoping for the former option and that if they do take over they will continue to pursue excellence and make improvements every year just like we do.  But, only God knows what’s to come for them.

img_5709We created the blog so that our loyal and amazing campers can stay up to date on all the stuff we’re doing and hear all of our news while not boring those other campers who really just want the coles notes versions.  Yes, I did have a few complaints that my email newsletters were too long…. and I’m not surprised or harboring hard feelings.  I like to write and talk and I get carried away sometimes!

We welcome suggestions, feedback, and especially post likes and shares.  The more campers we get each year the more improvements we can make to the campground itself.

It’s nice to meet you!