Camper Experience #1 – Mr. Skunk

I am really excited about a contest I am running all winter long.  I’ve asked my campers to send me photos and stories of their amazing camping trips from the 2016 season.  If I choose your photos and stories to include in a blog post then you get a KOA gift card.  It really is a simple way to get free camping.

I have a few submissions to peruse through but I would like some more.  Please email me with any photos and stories of why your family had such a great time camping with us this past season.

To begin with I’m going to share one of my own favourite experiences of this season.  And it all starts with a skunk.

We’d received a few complaints from campers that they had seen a skunk hanging around.  One poor lady even shared with me that she was just out for a nice, relaxing, early evening stroll when bold Mr. Skunk decides to chase her down the wagon path and raise his tail at her.  You can imagine her horror when she’s facing down the butt end of a skunk.  I really did feel for her while trying not to burst into hysterical fits of laughter.  I don’t think I would have been laughing nearly as much if she’d actually been sprayed but let’s face it.  Skunks are funny.

Well, after someone told me they think the skunk is living under the deck of one of our Basic Camping Cabins I knew we had to do something.  But what?  I’m such an animal lover, and while I wouldn’t want to get cuddly cozy with a skunk, the thought of hurting it wasn’t at all pleasing to me.  So, Sabrina told me she could bring me in a trap that belonged to her family.  Marty to the rescue again!

Well, as luck would have it, a camper checked in for the weekend who just happened to be an exterminator.  Chad got the lucky job of learning how to set a trap and catch a skunk!  I had the lucky job of telling the next campers to check in to Kabin 2 that there was a skunk living under their cabin and we had a trap set.  Honestly, one of the things I am truly grateful for is the quality of campers we get here.  They were so chill about the whole thing.  What amazing people.  One camper volunteers to help us set a trap and the others, who are even more inconvenienced, were so amazing about the whole thing.  How did I get to be so lucky?

Anyway, let’s make a long story short and skip ahead to the day that Sabrina and Chad are cleaning out the fire pits after everyone has checked out.  Sabrina sees the trap and that it has a black and white animal moving around it in and screams and runs the other direction yelling ”SKUNK!”  I wish someone had caught that on video.

Here’s where it gets hilarious.  Jason had taken the kids to visit my parents for the weekend and to go to a birthday party so I didn’t have my truck.  Hmmmmm where are we going to take this thing?  My amazing cleaning woman Nancy – I hope you’ve all met her.  She’s just incredible.  And so brave.  She throws a big cardboard box over the cage and grabs an end and drags the cage toward the black truck we use for garbage pick up at the campground.  I’m acting fairly girly at the time to be honest (you can imagine it, running around squealing like a girl) but I do manage to grab the other end and we hoist it up onto the truck at which point I run away for fear of being sprayed.  The campers watching this were probably wondering what I was doing.

Phew…. Okay.  The hard part is done.  Well, the first half of the hard part.  The next step is to drive it somewhere and then take it out of the back of the truck and open the cage.  Ahhhhhhh

Well, I hop in the drivers seat and Chad squeezes in between me and Sabrina who is in the passenger seat.  We venture extremely slowly onto Telephone Road.  And when I say slowly, I mean slow.  The truck doesn’t shift out of first gear anymore so we are literally putting along the road.    Here’s a short video of us driving – excuse the language but it’s definitely funnier with the sound ON.


We finally see a deserted road with a big field a ways down the road and I pull off Telephone.  I park the truck and we all get out.    The funniest part of the day was when me and Chad were trying to grab the trap to get off the truck and Chad’s finger gets rubbed by the skunk so he starts freaking out yelling “It touched me – it’s moving!”  Me and Sabrina seriously couldn’t breathe we were laughing so hard.  Keep in mind, laughing from way on the other side of the road.

After we all catch our breath Chad and I manage to get the trap onto the side of the road and brave Chad opens it.  You can see in this video I wasn’t even willing to go near the trap so I threw a stick to him from the other side.  And Sabrina couldn’t even stick around to get the whole thing recorded because she was running to the other side of the truck once it started to move out.


I love the staff I work with.  Both because of their willingness to do every job I need them to, but more so, because what FUN we have doing them.  That day was one of my favourites because of how much we laughed.   And we were able to rid the KOA of Mr. Skunk.

So, that’s the first Camper Experience post, be sure to watch for more.  And send me any photos and stories of your fun times at the Brighton KOA and I’ll have a KOA gift card waiting for you at your next camping trip if I choose to use yours.

And don’t forget to book your reservations soon for your favourite weekends in 2017.  We are over half full for many of the ones in the Spring.

It’s finally ready!!!!!!

Okay seriously I have butterflies jumping around I feel so excited.  We have finally put the finishing touches on the calendar of events and sent it to KOA head office to be uploaded to our site.  It should be online in no less than 24 hours.

This is seriously the most exciting Calendar of Events yet!

And yes, I know it’s only been 3 years, but we dropped the activities that seemed to get barely any attendance and we’ve added some new ones.  And changed a few of the themes to ones that just felt funner somehow.

Pause.  I’m waiting for all you grammar freaks and teachers to tell me it should have been more fun!  But…. funner is just funner to say.  Ha

Anyway.  I’m also feeling a little nervous.  And I didn’t realize until just tonight why I’ve delayed and procrastinated at preparing it.  I really REALLY want you all to be as excited about it as me.

What if no one shows up? What if no one likes these ideas?

But as I sit here feeling excited AND nervous I’m telling myself that in my heart I know that you will.  You will LOVE these ideas.  We have debated and planned and X-Nayed (Is that how you spell that?) so many ideas that as a team we truly believe this is going to be an extremely fun and exciting and memory making season.  We worked our butts off last year to make everyone happy and it’s going to be another busy season in 2017 but oh so worth it!

This is going to be our third season as the owners and staff of the Brighton KOA.  And Third Times a Charm Right?

And just a quick note to let everyone know that during the main season, all of July and August, we do daily activities.  Not just weekend ones.  Even though the main events happen on the weekends we have other great activities and games and fun stuff planned for every single day so we can keep the fun happening all week long.

It’s always funny when strange fears pop up.  I like to poke them in the eye.  So here’s to a good poke.  Enjoy the calendar of events and call me at 613-475-2186 to make your reservations or as always go online to because Value Kard holders get bonus points for booking online.

With so much love to my campers and my staff.



Brand New Blogging News

Hello to our most amazing campers.  I have started a blog and I want to let you know all about it.

I feel as giddy as Isaac was when he was a baby.  Isaac is my youngest.


So first off, the reason for the blog versus just continuing with newsletters.

I tend to be long winded….. if you haven’t noticed.  I like to share more information with our campers than just what they can expect in upcoming weekends in bullet form.  When I am a fan of of a company I really like to know about the owner and the staff and what cool things they are doing.  And I’m assuming that some of our loyal campers are just like me and want to know what’s going on too.

Blogging makes me feel like I am writing a letter to each and every one of you.  Like good friends and family would.

I will still send out the newsletters with bullet form information like the theme of the weekend and the basic activities so if that’s all you want to hear from me, then I won’t be boring you with details or taking up your time.

I want to please all our campers and respect our differences and not just assume you are all nosy like me! Haha

But on this site I will be posting blog updates.  This is where I will be sharing Camper Experiences or updates on projects we are undertaking or just general useful (or maybe not so useful) information.

And please comment – share my posts on your social media if you think it will be of interest to others.  Comment here on this site.  And send me any emails with any suggestions or comments.  I truly want to hear from you.

You can subscribe so that you get notified every time I add a new post or you can just watch for my social media posts and follow along.  Whatever works best for you.

I can’t wait to see you all again!

And to book your reservations for the 2017 season click here.